IUD Side Effects



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IUD Side Effects

Mirena and ParaGard are the 2 types of available IUDs. ParaGard is not to be used by anyone who has an allergy to copper as tiny copper wire is used to wrap around its plastic body. Mirena is secreting little amounts of the synthetic hormone for progesterone. flat belly forever reviewThis hormone had been added in their attempt to lessen the cramping and bleeding that some ladies have with IUD. IUD is not recommended to all women as every woman is different.

Because of serious health problem risks, women with these conditions can't use IUDs:

  If you have just had had a recent pelvic infection or experience a repeated infection of the pelvic


  Severe Cervicitis

  If you are pregnant or suspects that you are pregnant


  If you have a malignant lesion found in the tract of your genitalia

  Ectopic pregnancy history

  If you have a history of the toxic shock syndrome

  Cannot explain bleeding of the vagina

If you are at risk with the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID then IUD is not recommended for you, or if you have a low immune response, heart disease, abnormal pap smear, anemia, had an ectopic pregnancy or had a problem with IUD before.

If you're allergic to copper or suffers from Wilson's disease then it's not recommended that you have copper IUDs. Mirena IUD cannot be used by women who suffered from breast cancer, if a woman has diabetes and would use Mirena IUD, she should be carefully monitored. If you're a breastfeeding mom, be aware that the Mirena IUD has synthetic hormones and it will be passed to your baby through your breast milk.

Health Risks:

Your risk for developing a severe pelvic infection can increase if you get a vaginal infection while you are using an IUD. This can result to infertility and for this reason you should assess yourself with your own risk towards infection. If you have several partners or if your partner has several partners then your chances of getting an infection is higher.

The uterine wall may be pierced or perforated while The Metabolic Switch Diet Review is inserted. Over some time, the IUD may imbed onto the uterine wall. It can still be effective if it's imbedded but this can be painful and might need to be removed. If you become pregnant while using an IUD, it is greatly recommended that IUD is to be removed whether she wants to finish the term for her pregnancy or not. IUD increases the risks for premature birth and miscarriages. A woman who uses an IUD and became pregnant is more likely to suffer from an ectopic pregnancy. This happens when the fertilized egg grew outside of the uterus. This can be quite dangerous and an urgent medical attention is required.

IUD Side Effects

Both Mirena and ParaGard IUDs can cause heavier, more painful and longer menstrual periods but with Mirena it is less common. Anemia may be caused by the increased flow of blood. Spotting can be a sign of infection or from no serious cause. Side effects of IUD can range from very minor to very serious health problems that would need medical attention. While some may not experience any problems while they use the intrauterine device, many others might complain of certain side effects. Side effects of IUD can include cramping, weight gain, acne and heavy bleeding. Despite the complications that IUD can potentially cause, it is still a very popular form for birth control.

Weight gain and acne are minor side effects of IUD. These side effects, though gaining weight may become a serious problem, are not posing any immediate threat to health. They can also be, at a certain degree, controlled which makes these side effects acceptable to some people. These minor side effects of IUD can be dealt with by keeping an eye on the calorie intake of the person and checking for acne treatments. If the acne becomes severe, an appropriate thing you should do is to consult a dermatologist or a family doctor. The doctor may prescribe you with more aggressive treatments for acne that are not available to you over the counter.

Heavy bleeding and cramping are the more serious side effects of IUD. Cramping may not be so serious but it could be quite painful for the woman. However, bleeding is different. If it becomes serious, the result is anemia. This can result to serious problems to one's health and can even cause death if not properly treated. However, serious bleeding should be taken seriously as well. It's also noted that women experiencing the side effects of IUD can also hear some good news. After the first few months, the symptoms start to be less severe. That means that if you can put up with the inconvenience it brings in the first few months, you'll have up to 5 years of zero-worry birth control. But, sometimes conditions can be very severe that the woman would feel that she needs to have the device removed prematurely. In cases like that, the side effects of IUD stops after just a short period of time.

The intrauterine device or otherwise known as the intrauterine contraceptive or IUC is probably one of the easiest birth control forms to have but the side effects can be scary to some people. Nearly all types of products for birth control especially those you place inside your body and dealing with hormonal treatments can have side effects. Before choosing the product for birth control, the forms and the advantages and disadvantages should be discussed with the patient first. Mirena IUD can cause the person have ovarian cysts. Some even stop bleeding altogether after having the Mirena IUD and their menstrual periods usually return once the IUD had been removed. It can also cause weight gain, acne, headaches, depression, increased blood pressure and a decrease with the person's sex drive.

Future Fertility

Women who already want to become pregnant can remove their IUD at any time. While most of the women who used the IUD can become pregnant after they stopped using it, IUDs can also have negative effects on the fertility of the woman. If pelvic infection, embedding and perforation occur the tubes or the uterus may be damaged and the chance for pregnancy is lowered. If the damage or the infection is too severe, the uterus might be removed otherwise known as hysterectomy which results in a permanent infertility.

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